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Car Rental in Playa del Carmen: Best choice in Riviera Maya

It is logical that sometime on your vacation you plan a trip to the Riviera Maya, in the Mexican Caribbean. Plan an adventure along this coastline that combines areas of beautiful beaches and jungle. It is common that for this type of travel you rent a car, however, when it comes to renting a car in Mexico there are rules and particularities that you must master. But to start: what is the best place in the Riviera Maya to rent a car?

Car hire in playa del carmen

family travel to playa del carmen

Throughout the Riviera Maya you will find many rental companies. Many large corporations that operate worldwide and other local agencies, however, you should not underestimate small companies. The prices between one and the other have slight differences, since to stay alive in the face of competition everyone must follow the trends of the season. Usually you will find good cars in all of them especially in low season, which is the time when less income is made due to the decline in the influx of tourism. In high season, on the contrary, if you want to guarantee a good car at a good price, it is best to make in advance a car rental playa del carmen online.

Are you looking for cheap car rental ?

If you are looking for the best price then the answer is in the local companies, which generally offer slightly lower prices to the big companies. But ... any car? No, go directly to the deals section. It is very common for car rental companies to offer offers for cars that have few rents or for those brands and models that have the largest number. It is common that also

What to consider in the price when renting a car ?

If to make your rent online you use websites that scan the web in search of the best offers you will find car offers with their basic price, that is, a price that does not include insurance or accessories. For that reason it is convenient to visit the companies website directly. In the case of Mexico, liability insurance is mandatory and this can make differences in the price from one rental company to another. However, it often happens that the price of the car plus insurance is an online one, and when you arrive at the office it turns out to be a different one, so you must follow the following recommendations to guarantee a safe income:

  • Make sure the company offers unlimited mileage 
  • If you intend to cross the borders of Mexico, make sure the company allows it.
  • If in addition to you, another person will drive the vehicle you must find out if the company makes an extra charge for additional driver. 
  • If you know how to drive a manual transmission car you will save money, since these cars are usually cheaper.
  • Check the price of the accessories, such is the case of baby seats and GPS. In the case of Playa del Carmen you probably do not need the GPS, since it is a small town very well signposted and on the maps that you will find in the same revenue office you will have located all the tourist destinations in the area. 
  • If you pay in usd check the exchange rate that apply to your rent, since many offices and other service centers apply their own rate that is not necessarily the official one.

Checking In and Out can be slow and tedious

You will surely be surprised why having made an online reservation, after entering all your information in the rental form, once you arrive at the office, you fill out a form with your data again. they will ask for your identification as well as the credit card with which you will pay and will ask you routine questions. The whole process can be extended up to about 20 min or half an hour.

Then comes the car inspection process, which is very important. You should check with the agency assistant for possible scratches and dents that the car might have, which is very common in Mexico. It also checks the inside of the car, the level of fuel in the tank, as well as that the car has a hydraulic jack and help tools in case of breakage.

car inspection in playa del carmen car rentalplaya del carmen car rental inspection

Take pictures outside and inside the car during the inspection since the same process will be done at the time of delivery. That way you will have proof that you return the car in the same conditions in which you found it.

What should I know about car rental insurance in Mexico ?

Most people, knowing that their credit card covers part of the insurance. There are those who simply prefer not to include additional fees for insurance, however in the case of Mexico there are details that you should know:

There are two basic types of insurance when you rent a car. 

  • CDW: Refers to the damages that the vehicle could suffer while driving it or in other circumstances while you have it rented. 
  • Liability: Refers to the damages you can cause to other people's properties while driving the car.

Liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico

Liability insurance is required in Mexico, for that reason if you rent online you will see that checkbox marked by default on the rental form. The reason is because from the legal point of view if someone suffers serious damage to his person or property for your cause while driving the vehicle, then you are responsible. In this way, in a situation like this, you will be held by the police until your insurance country for the damage. For this reason it is convenient to have a local insurer that responds quickly in case of accidents.

Small or big Car Rental Company ?

You may wonder: if the prices between large and small or local companies do not differ so much, then where is the difference. Without a doubt it is about the service. Large companies generally have a more distant and cold treatment, an automaton service, based on the need to extend their services to a wider and more diverse audience in very distant and heterogeneous areas around the world. The local companies, on the other hand, preserve the authenticity of the region, know the culture of the place, the history and that extend that bridge that can be very useful for your trip.

With them you will find recommendations, advice on the best routes, the best places, the history of the places, the safest areas, the best prices for restaurants, lodging, service stations, etc.

What's the best car rental in Playa Del Carmen ?

Lo ideal, es encontrar un término medio: una compañía local que tenga una aplia flota de autos, de manera que si necesitas un remplazo de tu vehículo por cualquier razón tengas otro a mano sin dilación. Una compañía que tenga sucursales u oficinas a lo largo de toda la riviera Maya: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum... de manera que puedas rentar el auto en un lugar y devolverlo en otro. Tal es el caso de Easy Way Rent a Car, una compañía local, con muchos años de experiencia que goza además de muy buena reputación en las redes sociales con muy buenos reviews de los usuarios.




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