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car rental in the Riviera Maya in 2019

If you travel to the Yucatan Peninsula and you decide to tour the Riviera Maya without a doubt the best option is to rent a car. The Mayan Riviera is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the entire Caribbean, not only for the beauty of its landscapes but for the cultural wealth so great that it concentrates. This area is the cradle of the Mayan civilization, so one of its attractions is to know the ruins of its ancestral cities. On the other hand, it is a region located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mexican Caribbean.

car rental in playa del carmen or Riviera Maya

In this article you will know the specificities of renting a car in Riviera Maya or Car Rental Playa del Carmen, tulum or other of the most striking enclaves of the whole area. You will also find here tips for driving as well as road rules in the Riviera Maya that in many ways are not exactly the road rules in Mexico.

Hire a car in Cancun or elsewhere in Riviera maya?

It is very likely that you will arrive in Yucatán through the Cancun airport. In that case you could rent the car in one of the offices that you will find inside the same airport, however, it is not the best option, or at least the most economical, since cancun airport car rental companies will charge you the tax they pay for being located within the airport, on the other hand, are usually branches of large corporations that usually have a more distant deal with the client and do not know as the locals the secrets of the place that could be very useful. Keep also in mind that the cost of renting a car in Cancun may be slightly higher than the cost of the same car in another region of the Mayan Riviera.

In what other destinations of the Mayan Riviera can I rent a car ?

If you have already started your trip then you will most likely want to rent the car from your own destination. Cancun and Playa del Carmen have many car rental offices. Both Cozumel and Tulum on the other hand have fewer options, although you can also find some small enterprises.


family enjoy a car rental in Playa del Carmen

Is it better to rent a car at a large company or a local agency?

There are a large number of big-name companies throughout the peninsula to rent a car. In these you will find with certain modern cars and they have the advantage of having branches in all the important areas of the region, so that the pick up and drop of can be facilitated. You will also find local companies. The advantage that local companies have is that they are generally cheaper to cope with the competition. Local companies usually have personalized service and attention, are knowledgeable about the terrain and can serve as guides and counselors. The best option is to find a local car rental office that has branches in the most important destinations of the Mayan Riviera.

Car Rental Tips

Rent the car online: Renting the car online is always the best option, not only because you can rent the car with enough time in advance to take advantage of the best offers and do it in the best seasons but because you can study several car rental in depth enterprises before deciding on one. Among the most important aspects to consider when making a car rental online are user reviews. These always provide substantial and useful information about the rental company, its cars and its services.

Keep in mind when it comes to book a car rental online to find out well the insurance prices, which ones the company offers and which ones do not. Keep in mind that most cars in Mexico are manual, so be sure to select an automatic one when making the rental online if you wish. Many rental agencies offer car seats and GPS at extra charges.

Most car rentals in Mexico are unlimited mileage which is beneficial if you intend to rent the car in one destination and deliver it in another or if you intend to use the car for many days.

You must be prepared since the rent process once in the office can be tedious for paperwork. Keep in mind that it is required in Mexico the Liability insurance. However, you can opt for others or even select the entire insurance package as an offer within the total rental price.

If you have coverage that works with your credit card, you must print it as proof. You should know that if you have an accident in Mexico when there is considerable damage and especially when someone is injured, the police can hold it until there is evidence that you can pay the damages.

It is advisable that you keep the agency numbers for if necessary and keep enough balance on the phone so you can make calls from remote and intricate areas.

Keep in mind that if you rent a modified vehicle (those that are transformed to resemble figures in tune with the environment), most of the insurances that normally cover your rented car will not cover them. Check with the rental agency that offers these cars about coverage.

Car Rental Pick Up

In this part of the rental process you must be very attentive. Be sure to take your cell phone with you or a camera to keep evidence of the technical inspection. Here you must inspect with the company assistant every dent or scratch that you have in a car on the outside, but also in the interior upholstery, to the smallest detail.

Check the gas tank cover, make sure there is a hydraulic jack in the trunk as well as the necessary tools in case of breakage. Check that the replacement rubber carries sufficient air as well as the level of gasoline in the fuel tank.

car rental inspectioninspect a car in playa del carmen

Car Rental Drop Off

Be sure to return your car on time, otherwise you will have to pay an additional price for overtime. Be sure to fill the car with gasoline so you avoid having to pay it at the agency's price that can sometimes be much higher than The official price Once the documentation is finished, you will register again at the office and get a final receipt. Be sure to get the copy of your credit card receipt that was used. The assistant will check the conditions of the car to make sure there are no dents, scratches or damage to the car caused by misuse of the car. It is time to make use of the photographs that you saved from the initial inspection in case of any discrepancy.


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