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Rent a car in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen, known as the heart of the Riviera Maya is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for its white sand and warm turquoise blue sea. It covers about 200 kilometers on the east coast of Mexico. To be able to move around this region and fully admire the captivating nature that surrounds it as well as enjoy countless attractions considered magical by travelers, the best option is undoubtedly rent a car.

If you travel as a backpacker or prefer to make an economical trip you can consider moving by public transport, but it is not recommended, since this option implies depending on their schedules, which can be unstable at times. There are several options of companies in Playa del Carmen where you can hire cheap cars.

Playa del Carmen Car Rental Enterprise

One of the most prestigious and best rated on tripadvisor and other travel forums Car Rental Playa del Carmen Enterprise is Easy Way Rent a Car. This company has many years of experience in the sector. It has highly qualified staff, capable of understanding that each client expects and deserves to be treated in a special way, therefore, their goal is to provide each one not only of a modern, safe and comfortable car but also a personalized high service quality. Among its advantages is not only the wide range of insurance it covers, its prices are better or equal to those of the competition. You can also pick up the car and drop off it at any of the company's branches: Cancun, Mérida, Tulum and Puerto Morelos. In any case, once the car is delivered, the company offers the shuttle service to the airport.

Drive a Car in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The simple idea of driving in a foreign country can be overwhelming for most people, but in Mexico it is not too complicated. Within cities, traffic may become congested at some times but outside them, surprisingly, there are few cars on the road. Traffic signs are all in Spanish, but with minimal knowledge of the language they are very easy to decipher. The speed limits are indicated frequently and visibly and although the signs are generally very easy to follow, it is a good idea to use the GPS to avoid taking the wrong path. Having prior knowledge of the established regulations is a good advice to follow when you decide to rent a car in Playa del Carmen, this helps to make your experience driving around the city and its surroundings positive.

Essential issues must be taken into account to drive a car in Mexico

  • Drivers must have a national or international driving license ( people who are not authorized should not drive).
  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • The car should not be driven with more people than its available capacity.
  • Traffic rules must be followed according to local regulations so as not to infringe violations of applicable laws, such as speeding.
  • The driver must not drive under the influence of medications or alcoholic beverages.
  • When parking, the car must be locked and the keys removed.
  • Cell phones should not be used while driving, to answer the cell phone, you must park the car.

Playa del Carmen Car Rental Prices

Car rental prices in Playa del Carmen vary depending on the season of the year, in winter they tend to be a little higher but still renting a car for every day that your trip lasts will almost always be less expensive than a car trip airport to hotel.


I traveled last June to Playa del Camen with a group of friends, we had planned to go on a backpackers plan but we reconsidered the budget and in the end we decided to rent a car. I really do not regret because the prices for that date were very good and we were able to visit the entire Riviera Maya, reach Tulum and return to Cancun. It was a wonderful 5 day journey. We rent in Easy Way, the truth is a very good car. The attention was wonderful, they advised us about our itinerary and the best attractions
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